Hey List App I Need A Haircut. Want To Walk With Me To The Barber?

  1. Here we go!
  2. Hey someone's dog pooped in my yard again. Shocker.
  3. Yard guy missed a weed. I should pull it when I get back.
  4. Look! It's the crack that looks like a basketball goal.
  5. This mailbox has been broken for years. Probably a good argument to never build a mailbox into a fancy structure.
  6. Oooh tagging. Hide your kids. Hide your wife.
  7. World's biggest bush. Seriously you could park a car in it.
  8. I love this pretty house...
  9. ...and its tall skinny Palm trees.
  10. New mural going in. PHX AZ Pa- what?!
  11. New Chicago style pizza place opens next month. Looks like they're training staff!
  12. They just finished remodeling this shopping center and it is very cute.
  13. Sandwich anyone? I always get the Italian mini with jalapeño chips and a Diet Coke.
  14. Latest addition to the neighborhood.
  15. Here's the button that doesn't do anything.
  16. Dutch Bros. for the youths and the new moms who are having trouble letting go of their youth.
  17. Seriously it is always busy like this. I'm in the wrong business.
  18. Here we are. You want to stick around or can you find your way back ok?
  19. K, bye.