I grew up in Indiana and I am here to help you understand the dialect of these mysterious people.
  1. Swole : Swollen
    Eg: "My whole foot was swole."
  2. Busted : Fractured
    Eg: "He busted his arm."
  3. Warsh : Wash
    Eg: "It's Friday, time to warsh yourself."
  4. Ain't : That is certainly not true
    Eg: "Obama is a good leader." "AIN'T."
  5. College : He lacks basic common sense because he is educated.
    Eg: "Wait, hay and straw are two different things?!" "[looks knowingly at another person] College."
  6. Ma'am : You are a woman who is even seven minutes older than me.
    Eg: "Hello my adult nephew who is in his forties. Can I take your coat?" "Yes ma'am."
  7. Pop : Carbonated non-alcoholic beverage.
    Eg: "Would you like some pop?" "You mean soda?" "I don't know what language you're speaking."
  8. Hun : Patron of my establishment
    Eg: "Do you know what you want yet hun?"
  9. Them : The ; Them there : Those
    Eg: "It's them onions in them there taters that makes 'em taste so good."
  10. Dinner : Lunch (if it's a big meal)
    Eg: "Dinner smells great grandma." "Dinner?! We already had dinner! ... *sigh* College."
  11. Supper : Dinner
    Eg: (continued) "This if for supper, not dinner."
  12. Musk Mellon : Cantaloupe
    Eg: "Mmm I love cantaloupe grandma!" "What? *shakes head* That's a musk mellon. ... College."
  13. The Race : The Indy 500
    Eg: "What are you doing for the race?"
  14. Parts : Region
    Eg: "He's not from these parts."
  15. Ball : Basketball
    Eg: "You play ball?"