1. Read the list title on the feed.
  2. Check the lister's name.
  3. If it is like @rachaelray or whatever then be like wow it's Rachel Ray or whatever that's pretty neat.
  4. If it is @ChrisK save it for when you have time to process a lot.
  5. If it is another name you recognize open the list.
  6. Read the first item.
  7. Read the title and description.
  8. Read the second item.
  9. Read the last item.
  10. Read the comments.
  11. Read the second to last item.
  12. Tap "Like".
  13. Make a witty comment.
  14. If your comment is super witty then tap "Relist".
  15. Read the rest of the list.
  16. If the lister isn't a name you recognize check the profile picture.
  17. Man you people are all so young.
  18. Go reread the last list you wrote for the 14th time.