Yes this really just happened. Yes I had to go back to pay.
  1. Go to Trader Joe's to buy those yummy jarred cherries for the tart your making for your daughter for her birthday.
  2. Put ten more things in your cart because hey! Berries are on sale!
  3. Realize at the checkout that you forgot your wallet.
  4. Feel a white hot searing embarrassment for a moment.
  5. Ask if they accept mobile payments.
  6. "You mean Apple Pay? Yes we do!"
  7. Feel a momentary schadenfreude at the rage this reply would induce in your fandroid friends.
  8. Feel a deeper relief that you dodged an embarrassing bullet. Pay for groceries with your iPhone with swagger.
  9. Leave parking lot.
  10. Text your wife: "On my way back. Do you need anything?"
  11. Obligingly go to QT to get her a diet coke.
  12. [You guys can probably guess what happened next. Note: QT does not accept mobile payments.]