1. "The air was as still as the throttle on a funeral train."
    From "My Mexican Home".
  2. "Heat lightning burned the sky like alcohol."
    From "Mexican Home"
  3. "You know what blood looks like in a black and white video? Shadows. That's what it looks like. All the love we shared between her and me was slammed, slammed up against the banks of Lake Marie."
    From "Lake Marie"
  4. "The air smelled like snakes and we'd shoot with our pistols, but empty pop bottles is all we would kill."
    From "Paradise"
  5. "There's flies in the kitchen. I can hear'm there buzzing, and I ain't done nothing since I woke up today."
    From "Angel From Montgomery"
  6. "Blue umbrella rests upon my shoulder and hides the pain while the rain makes up my mind. My feet are wet from thinking this thing over and it's been so long since I felt the warm sunshine."
    From "Blue Umbrella"
  7. "Oodles of light what a beautiful sight. Both of God's eyes are shining tonight. Rays and beams of incredible dreams and I am a quiet man."
    From "Quiet Man"
  8. "The whole town saw Jimmy on the six o'clock news. His brains were on the sidewalk, his blood was on his shoes."
    From "Six O'clock News"
  9. "For so long the raven at my window was only a crow."
    From "Storm Windows"
  10. "Rainy nights were made for lovers. We lay there still beneath the covers. And I ain't never felt like that before."
    From "One Red Rose"
  11. "If dreams were thunder and lightning was desire this old house would have burned down a long time ago."
    From "Angel From Montgomery"
  12. "A harbor's on fire with the dreams and desires of a thousand young poets who failed cause they tried."
    From "He Was In Heaven Before He Died"
  13. "The sun can play tricks with your eyes on the highway. The moon can lay sideways til the ocean stands still. But a man cannot tell his best friend he loves him. Til time has stopped breathing you're alone on the hill."
    From "He Was In Heaven Before He Died"