I'm a little anti-social which might factor in to these. Please note: there's no judgement here. I'm not suggesting these things are unworthy of time. I have great respect for our culture. I just don't understand it sometimes or don't feel a compulsion to engage. I'm not sure why.
  1. I've only watched one television show for its entire run in my life.
    I've watched bits and pieces of lots of shows of course, but never had a show I really watched except Buffy. Simpsons is maybe a second but I've probably only seen 1/10th of it.
  2. I've never seen a Godfather movie.
    I tell myself constantly that I should watch them but I never do. I've never seen a lot of movies that are apparently really good.
  3. I've never listened to a Taylor Swift song.
    I have nothing against Taylor Swift. I actually think she's darn impressive. But I've never actually listened to a song from start to finish.
  4. Speaking of: I haven't listened to music on the radio since the 1990s.
    Does anybody listen to radio anymore?
  5. I don't think I've ever read a fiction book while it was hot except when reading children's lit to my kids. And I rarely read fiction that isn't 20+ years old.
    Sometimes I think it's neat that people participate in this global conversation about the thing of now but i never prioritize it enough to participate. I'm always late to the party. And there's so much to read...
  6. I never know who anyone is when people are talking about people who are apparently somebody.
    I always have to google names of apparently famous people. Half because I'm terrible with names and half because I'm out of the loop. I also got the Foo Fighters and the Goo Goo Dolls mixed up for a few days once because I was confused about Dave Grohl. It was a little embarrassing.
  7. I've never seen a reality tv show.
    I saw parts of an episode of Survivor once. My old business partner's girl friend used to watch some show where Gordon Ramsey revamps restaurants while yelling at the owners and it would be on in the background while I worked sometimes. And my daughter watches a show about elaborate cakes which I've seen parts of. I don't like when people are mean to each other. So I struggle with these.
  8. The last Hip Hop/"rap" music I listened to was Public Enemy on the early 90s.
    But I've of course heard more recent stuff now and again.
  9. I watched Super Bowl 20 and Super Bowl 40.
    Plus three high school football games and one Indiana University football game. These make up the sum total of football I've seen in my life. I did watch a lot of college basketball in my teens. And I've been to a few baseball games and one pro basketball game.
  10. I have not materially changed my style of clothing since high school.
    Blue jeans. Brown leather shoes. Plaid short sleeve button up shirts. These are the things that will get you through.
  11. I never watch R-rated comedies
    This one is judgmental: I always hate them. There are lots of good dramas and fantasies etc. But raunchy or juvenile comedy does exactly nothing for me. The last one I saw was Bridesmaids which I did not like much. Side note: I adore Kristin Wiig.
  12. I have been to exactly one rock concert since 1994.
    Went with my wife to U2 a few years ago. I have always said I don't really understand watching music. I get so bored.