You know the movie The Emperor's New Groove? My girls loved the movie when they were little. I was talking to Sophie today (she's 13 now) and she made these related confessions...
  1. First, she thought the man who "threw off the Emperor's groove" in this scene was a woman.
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    Yeah I don't know...
  2. Second, in this scene she thought Pacha handed him his cell phone.
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    In 13th century Central America. That he then put on his foot...
  3. Third, she thought "groove" was some kind of unusual word for palace.
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    Because Kuzco "threw" the man off his "groove".
  4. She thought this all her life until her sister @imc explained it to her a few years ago.
  5. And this made perfect sense, she said, because the movie is called The Emperor's New Groove and the plot centers around...
  6. The emperor's plans to build a new "groove".
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  7. Boom baby.