Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I keep almost nothing.
  2. I have a zen-like aversion to stuff of any kind.
  3. My wife will tell you horror stories of the stuff I've thrown away.
  4. Who needs Christmas cards, photographs, phone books (theses were like an early google that apparently were "important" to "have" in the 90s), dining chairs, personal mementos, cables, devices, old clothes, trinkets, invitations, ticket stubs, announcements, the stack of unpaid bills, perfectly good Tupperware that is looking a little less shiny…
  5. I shed stuff aggressively.
  6. In the physical realm, anyway...
  7. On my computer on the other hand I have school papers from college 20+ years ago, old work projects from the job before the job before the jobs before the job I have now, letters I wrote in 1997, pictures I drew for those letters, old irrelevant tax filings, company records for a business I no longer own, scans of old driver licenses, spreadsheets…
  8. All carefully organized in a precise folder hierarchy.
  9. Most are in formats I can't even open easily.
  10. But there they are for some dumb reason.
  11. They're even in Dropbox.
  12. So I can quickly access them on my phone from anywhere in the world.
  13. Just in case.
  14. 😶