1. Interviewing a candidate at work with my coworkers makes me more nervous than interviewing for a job.
    Way more. Being the interviewee doesn't make me nervous at all but I stress so much about interviewing someone. I think this is just because I'm very confident in my profession but never claimed to be a competent interviewer.
  2. Speaking in church before 150 people makes me more nervous than speaking in a conference in front of 1000 people.
    No idea why but I even shake!
  3. Going to the hospital to have a baby always made me more nervous than my wife.
    This makes no sense.
  4. Flying makes me more nervous than driving.
    But not because of crashing. Lol bring it. I'm a nervous flyer because I'm afraid of getting sick. I've been sick on a plane twice and it was HORRIBLE. Possibly the worst thing to happen in my charmed life.