Note: I love my job. I look forward to work every morning and I love carving out some time late at night to dive deep in my work.
  1. The Appliance Guy at the dump.
    This guy uses a little bobcat thing to tear into washers, dryers, refrigerators and stoves. It looks like so much fun. Down side: smelly, probably not as fun after the first week. (Pictured here with rocks but just imagine piles of old appliances that you're allowed to destroy 😈)
  2. Baker.
    I love to bake. It makes me happy and I would love to do it for money, have the right space and equipment, and just put my whole self into it.
  3. Writer.
    Writing is the one job I've had that I enjoyed all along as much as my current work. I just never get bored with it and I would love to do it full time.
  4. Night Shift Parking Garage Attendant.
    These guys just get paid to read whatever they want, right?