1. "You are not my mother. You are a snort."
    From "Are You My Mother?" Pretty much every time anyone ever says the word "snort".
  2. "He will live at our house. He will grow and grow. Will our mother like this? We don't know."
    From "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish". Occasionally when we talk about doing something mom or dad probably shouldn't be ok with.
  3. "I did it I did it I shout to the crowd. [insert activity] by myself makes me feel so proud."
    From a book on feelings the title of which I do not remember. Whenever anybody implies they did something on their own.
  4. "Gooey goo for chewy chewing. That's what that goo-goose is doing."
    From "Fox in Socks". When eating something surprisingly chewy. I'm the only one who ever says this.
  5. "Both. But never mind the bread."
    From "Winnie the Pooh" (I think this is the movie version. The book text was slightly different). When someone has to pick between two good things.
  6. "I love you forever. I love you for always."
    From some creepy book we hated. Whenever someone is being creepily possessive.
  7. "Poor Harry Monster! It's no fun to be sick!"
    From "It's No Fun to be Sick" (a Sesame Street book we had). When someone complains about feeling sick. My wife's the only one who ever says this.
  8. "It's a small something that all people need."
    Paraphrased from "The Lorax." Only Sophia says this, whenever she wants a treat and we say no.
  9. "Ohhh...Sad fish..."
    From "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish". Said when we see something sad. Mimicking the sweet little dramatic voice Isabel always used when she turned to that page. She actually called the book "Sad Fish."
  10. "Jamma-Jamma-Jamma-Jamma-PJs!"
    From "Pajama Time". Said at bed time.
  11. "The moon is round. The pebble found."
    From "Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse". Said when we find something we've been looking for. Also when it is a spooky night with a big full moon. Always said in a spoooooooky voice.