He was definitely a jerk in a lot of ways. Not denying it. But the movie left a few things out.
  1. His happy marriage
  2. His second child
  3. His third child
  4. His fourth child
  5. His complex involvement in his first child's life from the time she was 8 on including visits, birthday parties, long walks, and trips together, and her incorporation into his family life with his wife and other children in her adulthood
  6. The fact that the whole NeXT-was-a-ploy-to-get-back-in-to-Apple subplot was a total fabrication with no basis in reality at all
  7. Pretty much all his major accomplishments professionally — which is to say the things that made him noteworthy
  8. In other words, his maturation as a human.
  9. It would be like doing a biopic about Einstein that ends when he's 25 and focuses only on the fact that he was a super crappy husband.
  10. I suppose I think it is a little distasteful to take such overt liberties to construct a narrative disconnected from reality and use a real person's name in the process.
  11. That said, he's dead and there's clearly some statute of limitations here. Nobody cares if you make a ridiculous half-true biography of Abraham Lincoln for instance.
  12. But maybe wait til his kids are grown.