Henry V, Act I, Scene ii, starting at line 281. I was reminded of this today. I love it so much. Emphasis mine.
  1. And tell the pleasant prince this MOCK of his
  2. Hath turned his balls to gunstones, and his soul
  3. Shall stand sore chargèd for the wasteful vengeance
  4. That shall fly with them; for MANY A THOUSAND WIDOWS
  5. Shall this his mock MOCK out of their dear HUSBANDS,
  6. Mock MOTHERS from their SONS, mock castles DOWN,
  7. And some are yet ungotten and unborn
  8. That shall have cause to CURSE the Dauphin's scorn.
  9. But this lies all within the will of God,
  10. To whom I do appeal and in whose name
  11. Tell you the Dauphin I AM COMING ON
  12. To VENGE me as I may, and to put forth
  13. My RIGHTFUL HAND in a well-hallowed cause.
  14. So GET YOU HENCE in peace. And tell the Dauphin
  15. His jest will savour but of shallow wit
  16. When THOUSANDS WEEP more than did laugh at it.