1. Grateful Dead
    My pop went to 55 dead shows from the 70s right up to their last show at Soldier Field in the mid 90s. He would often take a week or two off with my mom and hit New York, Pittsburg, Indy, and Chicago back to back. He took us to a few shows in Indy and one in North Carolina. I watched their reunion concert with him last month and he was in tears. Beautiful moment.
  2. Bach's Goldberg Variations performed by Glen Gould
    My parents are also big classical piano fans so we went to the Indy symphony a lot. Glen Gould's Goldberg Variations were the background music of my home life for a while.
  3. Merle Haggard
    A living legend. He's still alive, right?!
  4. Casey Kasem's top 40
    We played this on the radio while playing in the pool and drinking my moms killer limeade many summer Sunday afternoons.
  5. Bob Dylan
    A household standby. Janis Joplin too and all their ilk.
  6. Sinead O'Connor
    My sister belted out nothing compares 2u constantly and we loved it.
  7. Paul Simon's Graceland
    Definitely went through a phase where we listened to this a lot, watched the film, and etc.
  8. Linda Ronstadt
    Saw her in concert with my padres years ago.
  9. Men at Work
    Ditto. My first concert.