As requested.
  1. Sophie IS amazing!
  2. One amazing thing about her is her self confidence!
  3. She is impossible to embarrass.
    One time when we were at Girl Scouts when she was 9 or 10 and a bunch of older girls were there I decided to embarrass her. I grabbed her and kissed her all over the face and called her my "baby boo boo". She was not embarrassed. She LOVED it. She curled up in my lap and reciprocated so ridiculously that I got very embarrassed in front of all the moms. That's Sophia.
  4. She is unafraid of the spotlight.
  5. She defines her own style unencumbered by social norms...
  6. Or practicality...
  7. Or tidiness...
  8. She says things like "She's nice but she doesn't really like me. She can't handle me."
  9. She assumes everyone around her wants to hear her talk 100% of the time, generally about the 200 things Sophie is obsessed with.
  10. She likes her own lists.
  11. I mean every time she publishes a list she then immediately "likes" it.
  12. And if you ask her why she liked her own list she says "It is a great list. If I didn't like it I wouldn't have posted it."
  13. 🤔
  14. She makes a list request of her father titled "MY AMAZING DAUGHTER".
  15. She is clever enough to realize that's actually a risky proposition because she has a sister so she clarifies: "(@sophster)".