#7 of my last minute sharing week dump. Inspired by @ChrisK
  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
    I didn't have to think about this. It always has been.
  2. I love the sentiment.
    A holiday devoted to thankfulness for the bounty of life is something that resonates with me a lot.
  3. I love food.
    Especially comfort food. And desserts.
  4. I love cooking for my family.
    I make thanksgiving dinner because it is like meditative joy for me. I'm always exhausted when it's all done but also euphoric. I love that each member of my family has a personal favorite dish, and they're all different. I love the colors and the decadence. I love it all.
  5. I love that everyone is happy.
    We share the table and nobody is stressed. It is all laughter and love.
  6. I love the weather.
    Fall is my favorite time. It is cool and beautiful and hints at winter to come. I can drink tea and wear sweaters again for a brief time.
  7. I love that it has the family togetherness of christmas without the national obsession and overt consumerism.
    Madison Avenue hasn't figured out how to destroy thanksgiving yet. It isn't an in your face holiday. And there's no social pressure to perform in any particular way. It is just family and home and thankfulness and food.
  8. I love that the meal is truly once-a-year.
    That's not true for many things. But everything I make on thanksgiving we only have on thanksgiving. It feels so special.
  9. I love that it is always on a Thursday.
    I love the anticipation building as I start meal prep the Saturday before. I love that it never conflicts with anything else.
  10. I love that I was married the day after thanksgiving.
    Our anniversary isn't always the day after thanksgiving of course, but it always feels special in that way and reminds me of a powerfully important moment in my life.
  11. I love the leftovers.
    So good for days.