1. MAZ: That was many years ago. Before the Ewok genocide.
  2. SNOKE: [picks up Luke Skywalker's light saber] My preciousssssss...
  3. CHEWBACCA: I just haven't really wanted to leave the house ... Or even ... [laughs sadly] get out of bed ... since ... well, you know...
  4. R2D2: [eyes BB-8] How easily I could end the farce with — [looks down, disappointed whirring]
  5. REY: Does this bikini come in metal?
  6. KYLO REN: No! *I* am your brother!
  7. SARLAAC: [retches, Boba Fett emerges, dusts himself off, jet packs back to his ship] BOBA FETT: Set a course for Skywalker Ranch.
  8. JABBA THE HUTT: [emerges from 20 years in his cocoon, spreads his glorious wings, and sings] I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!
  9. FINN: Wait Lando is my father? I'm out.
  10. LEIA to KYLO: Not my daughter, you bitch! [ignites light saber]