1. @sally's monkey
    Number one crush because: Coat
  2. @snoopdogg's heart-shaped glasses
  3. @shanaz's hoop earrings
    Reminds me of my 💯 big sister. In the 80s. Super cool.
  4. @Dad3's soldier field double entendre
    I want you to know I get it.
  5. @AlexandraLouise's mysterious eyes
    Sometimes I fantasize about seeing your chin.
  6. @ChrisK's dimples
    The canonical dimples.
  7. @magic's fur collar and/or shoulder pet
    Why not both?!
  8. @dhgriffin's anonymity
    No pic, no bio, active profile. Impressive!
  9. @mamie's name
    Just like my wife!
  10. No joke the best 10 word bio I've ever seen.
  11. @element75's side eyes
    What is over there? What?!
  12. @Lisa_Fav's slightly imperfect English