1. Everybody knows the four elements are:
  2. Earth
  3. Wind
  4. Fire
  5. Water
  6. (Some ivory tower academics have proposed a ludicrously complex system with over a hundred supposed elements, an idea so absurd I see no reason to refute it.)
  7. These elements, in mixtures of various amounts, make up all around us.
  8. He imbued the elements with consciousness and in that way made life.
  9. From wind He made angels.
  10. From fire the most vile devils.
  11. From Earth the beasts of land and sea.
  12. And what of Man?
  13. A plain inspection will reveal that Man is made of the same stuff as the beast.
  14. But he also has within him the virtue of the angel.
  15. And the vice of the devil.
  16. So we can see Man is the union of the elements, beast, angel, and devil. In harmony or in conflict. Diverse and unique.
  17. But there is an obvious gap in this otherwise perfect plan.
  18. What of water?
  19. Surely God in all His exactitude did not construct a system nearly — but not quite — perfect.
  20. It stands to reason that He made of water some creature heretofore unknown.
  21. What is this being?
  22. And what are its attributes?
  23. And surely whatever it is, it too formed a part of the complete circle of Man.
  24. One quarter of our nature, secreted away. To be revealed? And if so, when?
  25. I would be whatever God made from water.
  26. But only for a while.
  27. So I could understand myself more fully.