Some of these are real. Some are my proposals.
  1. Canadian Standoff
    When you cross paths with someone and you step right and they step right and then you step left and they step left and then you chuckle awkwardly and you both say "you go ahead" and then you both say "sorry" and eventually sort of awkwardly sort it out.
  2. Battery Fatigue
    When you consciously decide not to buy something only because it is one more thing you'll have to plug in every night.
  3. Farkling
    When you're trying to get something done but every step in the process requires a little work and then a few minutes of waiting so every step you complete is followed by an hour of reading the Internet or listing or whatever such that a 45 minute task takes three days.
  4. Eary
    A song that is super easy to just listen to and like and hum along to.
  5. Sun-struck
    When you've been in a dark place like a movie theater and then you go outside and it is midday and you are staggered by how bright the world is.
  6. Radiant chill
    When the sun is hot and direct and the air is cold so you can feel a chill everywhere but where the sun touches your skin.
  7. Mansthetic
    The striking juxtaposition of natural beauty and the evidence of man. For instance the power lines and the silhouetted palm trees against the pale evening sky to the west.
  8. Jamais Vu
    When the world you know well and have known all your life seems suddenly in some way large or small to be unfamiliar to you. Sort of the opposite of deja vu. Like when suddenly the leaves on the trees seem strange in their movement, and the rising and falling of the world as you walk seems so noticeable, and you feel entirely apart from the world you occupy until the feeling passes.
  9. Senti-Mentality
    When you've been away from your family for a few days and it is late and you are a little lonely and you read or write something that seems SO DEEPLY MOVING AND POWERFUL. But you know that when you revisit it in a saner state of mind it won't seem that way at all.
  10. Creative Uncertainty
    When the above happens and you genuinely don't know if it's because you were in a receptive state of mind before and are dulled now by busyness, or because you were irrationally sentimental before and are now in a right state of mind.
  11. Dry cry
    When you are deeply moved by something to the point that you get that odd expansive feeling in your face and the top of your throat, and perhaps even a moistening of your eyes, but you don't cry, you can't cry, because your dad used to say you were a baby when you cried as a little boy and it somehow became subconsciously impossible to do it anymore.