Our cat was named by my daughters years ago, squarely in the goofy kids phase. They named her Biscus because they loved the idea of coming home from school and saying, "Hi Biscus!" Like all pets, she goes by many names.
  1. Hibiscus
    The one that started it all.
  2. Biskybaby
    My daughter Isabel weighs in with this one sometimes.
  3. Bisky-bu-bums
    My daughter Sophia calls her this all the time.
  4. Lousy Meowsy
    My wife's special name for our special cat.
  5. Bisco-ball
    My daughter's friend Taylor calls her this.
  6. Lobster Bisc
    Another of Sophia's.
  7. Whisker-Biskers
    An Isabel standard.
  8. Downward Dog
    This was my original proposal for her name but it was soundly rejected. I still call her this sometimes.