1. Guinea Pig
    Neither from Guinea nor a pig (according to Wikipedia).
  2. Holy Roman Empire
    Neither holy nor roman nor an empire (according to Voltaire).
  3. Chinese Checkers
    Neither Chinese nor checkers (according to Wikipedia).
  4. Strawberries
    Neither straw nor berries (according to Wikipedia).
  5. Peanuts
    Neither peas nor nuts (according to Wikipedia).
  6. Grape Nuts
    Neither grapes nor nuts, according to Jerry Seinfeld
    Suggested by @EmmaA
  7. Lukewarm
    Not luke? (Unless it has a meaning I'm unaware of) or warm
    Suggested by @MaiaLS
  8. Wheelbarrow
    I don't even know what to say about this one
    Suggested by @MaiaLS
  9. Cardstock
    Ok last one
    Suggested by @MaiaLS
  10. Pineapple
    Neither from a pine tree nor an apple
    Suggested by @amandajane
  11. Freeway
    Definitely not free and usually clogged to be a way.
    Suggested by @kawaalii
  12. Sandwich
    Not sand, not a witch
    Suggested by @julieann718
  13. Dandelion
    Not so dandy (unless you are a bee) and not a lion.
    Suggested by @Alphonse
  14. Hen of the woods
    Opposite of a hen
    Suggested by @Matt
  15. Chickpea, neither chick nor a pea. Discuss-Linda Richmond, Cawfee Tawk (Mike Myers, SNL)
    Suggested by @kdpqual
  16. Does eggplant add to this list?
    Suggested by @robinzachariahs
  17. Dragonfly
    Neither a dragon nor a fly...although it does fly so am I wrong?
    Suggested by @fakebeccadahl
  18. Peacock mantis shrimp
    Not a peacock or a mantis or a shrimp
    Suggested by @yikes