International Women's Day you say? I too think women are neat.
  1. Ada Lovelace
    A visionary thinker in the early days of computation and a hero of mine that we all know way too little about. You can read about her on Wikipedia but isn't it time for a biopic?!
  2. Mary Shelley
    A beautiful writer of thoughtful scientific (for its time) horror: 💯 The fact that she was 19 when she wrote Frankenstein: 😮
  3. Grace Hopper
    A huge figure in the computer science world and another personal hero for her genius combined with a frank and understandable style. Here she is explaining a nanosecond to a class of programmers.
  4. Vi Hart
    I might have a bit of a crush on this world class nerdy weirdo. Here's the first of her staggeringly cool three-part series on the Fibonacci sequence:
  5. Carolyn Porco
    Imaging Team leader on the phenomenally successful Cassini mission to Saturn. Here she is going full nerd about the amazing work she's doing:
  6. Emily Lakdawalla
    One of my favorite things is people who can explain complicated stuff simply and Emily Lakdawalla does that without ever shying away from the technical stuff. She's also a proud parent if a nerdy girl just like me. Here're her contributions to the Planetary Society blog:
  7. Shannon Hale
    Author of the beautiful books The Princess Academy and The Book of a Thousand Days and champion of Girls, Reading, and the power of children's and YA literature. Also a funny smart open opinionated blogger. Here she is writing about her discomfort basing a book on a culture not her own:
  8. Amanda Bauer and Meghan Gray of Sixty Symbols
    My daughter used to love watching sixty symbols videos about math and science and I loved these two awesome smart passionate role models. Here's Amanda Bauer geeking out about a solar eclipse:
  9. MJ from iFixIt
    MJ shatters stereotypes about basement dwelling hardware hackers as a smart articulate gadget nerd who loves tinkering with computers and happens to be tiny, cute, and blonde. Here's her first Ask MJ episode:
  10. Mary Coffey
    Art historian, Dartmouth professor, Latin American art expert, and award winning author in the academic art world. Also my sister 😍. Here she is talking about the Orozco murals on Dartmouth campus: