An abridged list because I'm sure I would come up with five or six more if I tried.
  1. Eddie Redmayne
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    This guy blows me away every time I see him. It is hard to believe one person can become so many things so perfectly. The best singer in Les Mis and the only good thing about Jupiter Rising. From the preview, his performance in The Danish Girl looks like it will be staggeringly good.
  2. Natalie Portman
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    If you're one of those people who believe in the existence of "Star Wars prequels" you may dispute this but clearly that's just further evidence the fabled prequels are a figment of your imagination. In *this* universe Natalie Portman is flawless from The Professional and Beautiful Girls right through V for Vendetta and on to Black Swan.
  3. Johnny Depp
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    Quirky or dark or comedic or dramatic it seems like he can do anything and always do it well. Seriously impressive skill.
  4. Jennifer Lawrence
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    Like all of you I saw her first in Winters Bone and was totally taken in by her strength and emotional vulnerability. She's great in the hunger games movies and she killed me in Silver Linings. It looks like she's going to do it again in Joy despite a not great movie around her.
  5. Derek Jacobi
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    Even the most torturous lines of Shakespeare come out of this guys mouth like "yeah that's exactly how it is supposed to sound." I wish he would just read to me.