I got a little flack for leaving my oldest daughter, @imc, out of my daily life list. The truth is she's in there. But not like in there, you know? I'm doing this in a public list so @ChrisK doesn't think I'm a terrible father and because hey, I love to gush publicly about my amazing kids. 😊
  1. "The sun's going down and the moon is just holding its breath."
    For 17 years you have been a huge source of light in our home. While you continue to shine you increasingly do so in other places and in other ways. You're building a life of your own and soon it will rise. It will be different. You won't be here but we'll see that light reflected by the connection of experience we have and will continue to share. And let's be honest: the sun is brilliant but the moon is more beautiful.
  2. "Sail on silver girl, sail on by. Your time has come to shine. All your dreams are on their way. See how they shine! And when you need a friend I'm sailing right behind."
    Every day I think about you. And recently those thoughts are about the waters ahead. How do I help you without directing you? You'll have troubles for sure, because life is trouble sometimes. But you have always been so introspective, so self aware, and so driven to be good that I know rationally the best thing for me to do is stay out of the way. Even if that is hard sometimes.
  3. "Rain freely creates, giving liberty to man's rigidity."
    When I see the Kurt Vonnegut finger puppet you gave me, I think about your love of poetry and literature and especially about the books we've shared and our long talks. And it is stuck to my monitor so I see it every day.
  4. You give me long hugs every day.
    Some days we only see each other for a moment but you always have a long hug for me and it makes my day.
  5. You let me make you power breakfast.
    You've never been a big breakfast person but you let me keep making you power breakfast during finals and that makes me happy.
  6. You send me your essays and poems to read.
    I love this every time it happens.
  7. You give me book recommendations and tell me what you love.
    Never grows old.
  8. You tell me how you feel.
    I can't tell you how much I love this. I'm sure you have secrets but I was always afraid to tell my parents anything real and some kids just don't want to. You are honest with us even when you think what you'll say is not what we want to hear and that is amazing and deeply admirable.
  9. Harry Potter world, flagstaff, and hopefully spring break.
    We have wonderful focus together time when we can get it.
  10. Now we have Sundays!
    Now that I'm not busy all day every Sunday we can have lazy time together on Sundays a lot.
  11. The restoration of Date night.
    Now that my schedule is easing up we can do our bi-weekly date nights again. I can't wait.
  12. You're my little Eeberbinkie and always will be. I ❤️ you.
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