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  1. I've heard the answer to a million puzzlers and the question to a million more but only a few times have I heard them both together.
  2. Sitting in the grocery store parking lot with the car running for 15 minutes.
  3. Sitting in the driveway in the dark with the car off dumbstruck by the sincerity of Maurice Sendak's final interview with Terry Gross.
  4. Pledge drive? Ugh. How do I even change stations on this radio I have no idea.
    (If you love NPR as much as I do please consider supporting your local affiliate! 😇)
  5. Voices that came and went like old friends. Ray Suarez, Ira Flatow, Jackie Lydon, and so many more.
  6. Dianne Rheme schooling a guest on being polite and not interrupting other guests.
  7. Trying to guess what the book club book is when you missed the first half.
  8. Hearing 10 minutes of All Things Considered on the way to where you're going, and then hearing the exact same 10 minutes on your way home.
  9. Doing the puzzle with Will Shortz and being impressed by the guest who kills it on the spot.
  10. Hoping for the golden trifecta of Roy Blount Jr, Mo Rocca, and Paula Poundstone but never getting them all at once.