Yes I know what's going on and I can't keep it a secret anymore.
  1. @ChrisK is actually the secret super-genius eight year old love child of @bjnovak and @mindy and he's using his list app popularity to exact calculated revenge on the father he hardly knows.
  2. @mallofamanda is actually run by the social media manager at Mall of America and she's been soliciting contact information to build up their mailing list.
  3. @rachaelray can't boil water. She keeps YouTube star Laura Vitale locked in the cupboard under her studio counter. Vitale's YouTube videos, when watched in reverse, are a plea for help.
    (I have no idea what this has to do with list app but dang...)
  4. @mlb is not, in fact, Major League Baseball. It is actually a twenty-something woman living a lie somewhere in the south.
  5. In an act of almost unimaginable deception, @snoopdogg writes his own lists.
  6. @ErinFlaherty spoiled Star Wars 7 in a coordinated list-request attack on everyone who didn't "like" her Darth Vader costume.
  7. @minabird isn't actually a bird.
  8. @jesseandrews went on a multi-list drunken diatribe against @sarahgorman after she said she didn't like Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, then deleted his entire list history to cover his tracks.
    "Who's quirky now bitch?!" It was ugly.
  9. @shanaz is actually a 42 year old man in Alamogordo who lives in his parents' basement and operates 17 different list app accounts. This all came crashing down when he accidentally catfished himself.
  10. We found out the username @dev is actually short for "Devin" not "developer" and none of us knows what to believe anymore.
  11. @Lisa_Fav is French-*Canadian*.