A couple years ago my daughter's teacher was pregnant. The teacher's favorite book was Gatsby so Sophia decided to make her a soft baby-book version. She did the cutting and sewing. Her older sister and I did the textual adaptation. The result was arguably the coolest gift a kid has ever given a teacher.
  1. Cover
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    The Great Gatsby
  2. Page 1
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    This is Nick. He likes all kinds of people.
  3. Page 2
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    This is Nick's neighbor Gatsby. He is a dreamer. He also knows how to throw a party.
  4. Page 3
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    This is Daisy. Gatsby loves Daisy. Gatsby is nice, but it's complicated. Daisy doesn't like complications.
  5. Page 4
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    This is Tom. Tom loves Daisy too. He's not very nice but he's easy to understand.
  6. Page 5
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    Uh oh! What should Daisy do? Maybe Tom can help.
  7. Page 6
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    Oh no! Where's Gatsby? Bye bye Gatsby.
  8. Back cover
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    So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
  9. Bonus Item: The Artist
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