Quest for Claus

  1. This is the latest play @sophster is in.
    An original play written by local playwrights and premiering now!
  2. This is the stage.
  3. This is @sophster being an ensemble elf (in the white scarf)
  4. And here we are with the stage set for her big scenes!
  5. Looky looky she's the Easter Bunny!
    (Thank you Easter Bunny! Bwok! Bwok!)
  6. Having a little conversation with young Nick Cringle.
  7. Here she is with her admiring gaggle of chicks and bunnies behind her.
    (And a goat?!)
  8. If you're in Phoenix bring the kids and come see @sophster!
  9. At Brelby Theater in Glendale for the next few weeks!