1. Was it worth it making men and women different?
  2. How come when I bite my lip it gets sore and bigger so it is easy to bite again and hurts a lot when I do?
  3. Do chickens know they're delicious? Does it give them pride, or terror?
  4. Did you make it beautiful or did you just make us see it that way?
  5. When you tipped the earth on its axis were you precise about it or did you just sort of lean it over and spin?
  6. In order for me to have all the stuff I had, a lot of people had to suffer. This isn't a question. I just felt like I should tell someone.
  7. Can you say things in your language that have no translation to English? Is that what it means to feel?
  8. Did you mean for clouds to happen or did they just sort of happen once you did the water and the sky and stuff?
  9. Were you a little boy/girl God when you made dinosaurs because when I was a boy that's totally what I would have created if I had that kind of power.
  10. Have you ever been alone?
  11. Thank you for your time. You were good to me.