Inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. Do you hate your birthday because of all the attention?
    No but: I secretly find all the Facebook attention annoying and disingenuous and I dread having to make a chipper reply to everyone (which is itself deeply disingenuous). And I never have parties. And my family knows I like to keep it low key and they lovingly oblige.
  2. Do you think I'm a diva because I LOVE my birthday?
    Not at all. In fact I love that you love your birthday and I would love to make you a treat.
  3. Do I talk too loudly?
    Well, yes but that's ok. It certainly isn't my place to police your joy. And if you're loud about what you love I don't mind so much. If you're loud about what you hate I judge you with my eyes.
  4. Do you take a lot of bubble baths?
    I do love a hot bath now and again. With my kindle in a ziploc bag. So relaxing.
  5. How many cats do you have.
    Two. 😳
  6. Did you read Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking
    Yes indeed. Susan Cain's Ted talk was hugely eye opening to me in that I heard this person describing all the parts of me I always thought were weird, regrettable, broken, and unusual. Her book was a really big deal to me.
  7. Do you think your job and/or school lends itself to the success of extroverts over introverts?
    I would say no. I'm a programmer so I'm not exactly alone at work as an introvert. And my employer is enlightened, empowering, supportive, and smart. I've been lucky that both "giant companies" I've worked for have had flexible introvert-friendly models of success.
  8. How long is the perfect amount of time to stay at a party?
    This will sound so grumpy, but zero minutes. I've never been comfortable at a party in my life. But! It is important to people I love (both people I go with and hosts) and so it is a small sacrifice to make an appearance when appropriate. If my wife is having a ball I'll stay as long as she wants. Otherwise we'll leave after maybe an hour. But not too often please.
  9. Will you be my friend?
    Yes! Can we talk about how beautiful the world is? Can we watch Shakespeare? Can we cook together? Can we go for long meandering walks with not real destination? I'll do stuff you like too. And most importantly, can we be friends for ever and ever even if we don't "do" anything for long stretches? Even if I don't stay in touch very well? Even if I sometimes don't call? I'm sorry to ask this of you but I know enough about myself to know it will happen. I'll make up for it by giving and giving.