Inspired by @joemurphy
  1. Am I ready to give up on this day?
  2. I mean this is it. Once I sleep this day is gone.
  3. One more day in a finite series.
  4. Tick.
  5. Tick.
  6. It wasn't a bad day.
  7. It was a great day.
  8. But isn't there more I can get from it before I discard one thirty-thousandth of my life for good
  9. Like when you get to the end of the toothpaste tube.
  10. Maybe if I squeeze just a little more, scrape just a little harder, maybe there's one more thing I can extract from this day.
  11. Or maybe not.
  12. It's getting hard to focus.
  13. But I'm not ready to say goodbye to this day forever.
  14. Not yet.
  15. Just one more...
  16. One more...
  17. I don't know what but there has to be more.
  18. I'm not a quitter.
  19. I want it all.
  20. I'm never letting go.
  21. Is this crazy?
  22. This is probably crazy.
  23. But it keeps me up at night.