It took me way too many years to figure this out.
  1. They look great.
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  2. They taste the same.
    Actually better because they have corners, which are the ambrosia of baked things.
  3. It is way easier.
    Really, just use a pizza wheel or a big knife.
  4. You lose less to waste.
    You still have to trim the edges before you cut or they won't rise well but you keep all those perfectly usable in-between bits.
  5. No re-rolling (and requisite lumpy seconds)
    You can't really re-roll biscuit dough but you try to every time because all that waste enrages you. Free yourself from the tyranny of the round.
  6. It's easier to fold fried egg into a rectangle than a circle.
    Of course the primary purpose of a biscuit is an egg sandwich. It is finals week for my girls after all.
  7. They make you look crafty.
    Can't you just see this on Pinterest or whatever?
  8. You don't need to own a stupid biscuit cutter.
    I have no idea where mine is. And I don't care anymore.