1. Decent WiFi
    The wifi at this crap hole always works reliably.
  2. Spacious
    There's lots of room between tables and lots of nooks and crannies for semi-privacy.
  3. Quiet
    Everybody isn't YELLING and the floors are carpeted and they use little proximity dealios so they don't have to yell names.
  4. Not crowded
    Probably because the food is largely inedible its not super-jam-packed with people so I don't feel bad sitting here for a couple hours.
  5. They put calorie counts on the menu and nutrition info is readily available.
    I don't really expect every place to do this but a few healthy lunch options with quiet atmosphere would be nice.
  6. Walking distance (ish) from the library.
    It's actually a mile and a half away but it's a breezy cloudy 98 degrees today so it wasn't too hot to walk.
  7. [You'll notice the food was not on this list. Can someone make a place like this but with good food? How come all the good food lunch places are noisy and packed with tables and have hard floors and are so unpleasant inside?]