1. Brakes don't work.
    Usually when backing up.
  2. Driving across an irrationally rickety bridge.
    Like two 2x4s stretched across an enormous chasm.
  3. Fall in the water.
  4. Have to cross the water carefully without falling in.
  5. Have to get in the water but it is gross and dirty.
    Apparently I have a thing with water.
  6. Alligators.
    In many precarious situations. I really really really really hate alligators when I'm asleep.
  7. One of my daughters gets eaten by a fish and I have to cut her out.
    I always vomit in this dream.
  8. A lion lives underground in my back yard and sometimes the ground shakes and he emerges. Then we have to flee in a convertIble.
    This was my recurring nightmare when I was like 7.
  9. Someone asks me to hold their baby and I fail in a dramatic way.
    This was my recurring nightmare in high school. Once I dropped it down seven floors at the mall. Once I had to hold it while going down a water slide and it did not end well.