1. The all caps dialog of Owen Meany
  2. Cormac McCarthy's spare punctuation around ornate sentences
  3. The thread of narration in American Pastoral
    It could be considered a spoiler I guess so I won't say exactly what I mean but the way the narration is structured around this story is one of the most expertly executed things I've ever read.
  4. Complex narration in Frankenstein
  5. The poetic repetition of The Odyssey
  6. Meta fiction in Vonnegut's work
    "That was me. That was I. That was the author of this book."
  7. Thematic meter in Shakespeare
    Shakespeare writes in iambic pentameter except when he doesn't. And when he doesn't there's often a reason, from the mixed up meter of the witch in Macbeth to the trochaic fairey speak. In Midsummer Night's Dream there's even metrical cues when the moon is acting up. It is all so beautiful.
  8. The thematic use of time in How To Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe
  9. The opening lines of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
  10. The embedded overt history lessons in Les Miserables
  11. The minutia of Nicholson Baker
  12. The brazen but effective concept of Sophie's World