Maybe this is just a thing schools do now because @sophster goes to a totally different school from @imc and her "8th Grade Promotion" included a personal message/tribute to each kid too! Once again these lovely lovely teachers spoke truth.
  1. "As teachers we could only hope for more students like Sophia:"
  2. "Vibrant, full of energy, always present, with a welcoming smile or a high five..."
    [Standing on stage awkwardly, not sure what to do with herself during this tribute, Sophie at this point raises her hand for a high five from Mrs. Frerichs the middle school principal. She obliges. The audience laughs.]
  3. "...Sophia can't help but make an impression."
  4. "Her tech-savvy, wit, and passion for her cats only scratches [pause for laughter] the surface of the depth of knowledge and heart that flows through her."
  5. "I have little doubt that Sophia will excel in high school."
  6. "With her 1.21 gigawatts of energy and heart..."
  7. "she is a shining example of what a person can be."
  8. ...
  9. My gosh this particular end-of-the-school-year is killing me.