I should say that I have zero knowledge of the story outside the six films and I hate the prequels so much I basically pretend they don't exist.
  1. Here there be
  3. ...
  4. The Light Saber: Maz said it was Luke's and Vader's before that. So it must have been the one Obi Wan gave Luke in A New Hope, right?
    The one that was lost forever (apparently not) on Bespin. How? Also, please tell me some creeper has Luke's shriveled hand in a reliquary somewhere too because that would be cool.
  5. On Rey's parentage: I absolutely don't buy it that she's the daughter of Han and Leia.
    I can't imagine any scenario where that would play out given their deep guilt about Kylo and sending him away. After whatever unfolded they would have gone back for her. It's not like they couldn't make their way around the Galaxy.
  6. On Rey's Parentage: I also find it doubtful that she's Luke's daughter.
    I don't know why but it doesn't seem right. I suppose though that there must be some connection. Hmm.
  7. On Rey's near-total defeat of Kylo: Either we're meant to think Kylo isn't as tough as he thinks he is, or Rey is crazy powerful, or this was a little sloppy.
  8. ...When he tries to read her mind: This is a power we've only seen powerful Sith use right?
    And yet she blocks him when it matters. Something even Luke couldn't do when fighting Vader in ROTJ after he was fully trained.
  9. ...Kylo seems to have serious self control problems. See, for example, slashing up everything in sight when he's mad.
  10. ...Kylo apparently has not taken the title of Darth. Is he not there yet, or is that not always a thing?
  11. ...Kylo is basically trounced by an untrained Jedi in a light saber battle.
    Granted she was already a seasoned fighter as shown on Jaaku. And it seems she was losing before she found the courage to call upon the force in the fight.
  12. ...Kylo clearly has allegiance issues. Does this undermine him?
  13. ...On the other hand, Kylo can read minds very effectively. Palpatine could do this. Vader could but apparently only a little bit.
  14. ...And he can "freeze" people. Is this a new thing?
  15. ...And he can hold a laser blast in mid air until he stops thinking about it.
    Definitely a new thing.
  16. On the Rey side...
  17. ...She is definitely resourceful and strong and we see hints of force capabilities early on.
  18. ...And she's a heck of a pilot. Perhaps the best "using the force" pilot we've ever seen.
    See Millennium Falcon battle with Tie Fighter early on.
  19. ...And her light saber vision.
    I saw the movie with my wife and two kids and we all remembered completely different things from this sequence. Is this just the first on-screen representation of what a Jedi sees, eg when Luke sees Han being tortured in the future on Bespin? Or is this something different?
  20. Thoughts?
  21. Who was the guy who knew Kylo in the beginning (Max von Sydo)? We're we meant to be curious?
  22. My kids claim they saw Kylo's thugs in Rey's vision when she was a small child. I missed it but remember hearing a voice reminiscent of Kylo.
    Did Kylo have something to do with Rey's back story?
  23. My 2 cents on Han's inevitable death: He had to die because this is Rey and Finn's story and Han is way too big and charismatic a character to keep around. He steals the show.
    Harold Bloom says this is why Mercutio had to die in Romeo and Juliet and I think it fits here too. Han steals the show every time he's on screen and this isn't his story anymore. Bye bye.