Uhh. Hmm. I am going to have a hard time ranking these because they are roads.
  1. [somewhere], Indianapolis, Indiana
    I was basically born here. An old drafty rented farm house on a small working farm. I don't remember much.
  2. Wood Court, Zionsville Indiana
    Moved here when I was four. Was alright I guess.
  3. Clarkston Road, Zionsville, Indiana
    Moved here when I was 12. Was alright I guess.
  4. Bates Road, Mesa, Arizona
    Stayed here a couple of months before I got settled. Was pretty dingy honestly.
  5. Stapley Road, Mesa, Arizona
    Neighbor murdered his little sister and put her in the dumpster. Also other neighbor blasted loud music and revved his muscle car engine for like 15 straight minutes every day at 5:30 am. So I'm going to call this one the worst.
  6. Farmer Avenue, Tempe, Arizona
    This was actually pretty nice. Quiet neighbors, walk to school, walk to work. Mildly annoying landlord. Lived here for a coupe of years in college.
  7. Pima Drive, Flagstaff, Arizona
    Lived here for the rest of college. @imc was born here so I'm going to say it was one of the best. On the other hand there was the time I had to shovel the driveway every day for 18 straight days. 🤔 But I guess I can't blame the street for that.
  8. [I forget], Boise, Idaho
    Bought our first house here. This neighborhood was crawling with Mormons, and as a Mormon let me tell you: that is not my thing. We only lasted a year.
  9. Hardy Street, Tempe, Arizona
    A short stop to be financially cautious as I started with a tiny company. Gross apartment. Left after four months. Was easy to break the lease because they were so incompetent.
  10. Devonshire Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona
    @sophster was born here. I also loved this small old house (our second house) and I walked to work every day and home for lunch. So this was 💯.
  11. Orange Drive, Phoenix, Arizona
    This is where we live now and have for eleven years. A lot of memories in this old place. Historic neighborhood, quiet and secluded but right in the middle of town. Walkable. Would be 💯 except the busy-body somewhat racist and definitely classist neighborhood association makes my skin crawl. Luckily I can ignore them completely, which I do.