1. Why plant a seed deep in the ground?
  2. Why put a stone on a grave in town?
  3. Why does a wedding ring have a heart of stone?
  4. Why does a little dog bury its bone?
  5. Why put a songbird in a cage?
  6. Why write I love you on every page?
  7. Why does a bird build its nest so high?
  8. Why hold a baby when the baby cries?
  9. Why why why?
  10. Tell me tell me tell me;
  11. Tell me why it's so.
  12. Tell me tell me tell me;
  13. Tell me so I'll know.
  14. So the river will not drown it…
  15. And the highway won't take it…
  16. And the dust will not cover it…
  17. And the sun won't burn it…
  18. And the wind won't blow it away.