An exploration of the mundane, by request.
  1. From my wife.
    She's informing me her flight home is really truly for real cancelled. I cried. Not really but you know, I was sad.
  2. From my daughter Isabel.
    She had just boarded a plane. Ha ha.
  3. From my other daughter Sophia.
    I'm actually super embarrassed for you all to see her terrible spelling and careless typing. This is basically how all her texts read. Sigh.
  4. From my mother.
    It's officially been mentioned so I guess it's ok to post this.
  5. From my father.
    We read Shakespeare together. He also has a lot of other obsessions that sometimes throw off our schedule.
  6. From @ChrisK.
    I was annoying him with unsolicited list app suggestions. Tongue in cheek in case it isn't obvious.
  7. Bonus from @ChrisK.
    He knows how to cheer me up.
  8. From my friend John.
    This was unsolicited and out of the blue. But I give it a pass because it is actually pretty surprising. He knows I like surprising things.
  9. From my old business partner.
    I had left him a message calling him back. This was his reply.
  10. From a guy from church.
    He was leaving for a fishing trip to Alaska.
  11. From my good friend Verizon.
    Shut up Verizon.
  12. From my other good friend, Southwest Airlines.
    You can try to print my boarding pass if you want. This was last month remember. It won't work.