An exploration of the mundane, by request.
  1. From my wife.
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    She's informing me her flight home is really truly for real cancelled. I cried. Not really but you know, I was sad.
  2. From my daughter Isabel.
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    She had just boarded a plane. Ha ha.
  3. From my other daughter Sophia.
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    I'm actually super embarrassed for you all to see her terrible spelling and careless typing. This is basically how all her texts read. Sigh.
  4. From my mother.
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    It's officially been mentioned so I guess it's ok to post this.
  5. From my father.
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    We read Shakespeare together. He also has a lot of other obsessions that sometimes throw off our schedule.
  6. From @ChrisK.
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    I was annoying him with unsolicited list app suggestions. Tongue in cheek in case it isn't obvious.
  7. Bonus from @ChrisK.
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    He knows how to cheer me up.
  8. From my friend John.
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    This was unsolicited and out of the blue. But I give it a pass because it is actually pretty surprising. He knows I like surprising things.
  9. From my old business partner.
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    I had left him a message calling him back. This was his reply.
  10. From a guy from church.
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    He was leaving for a fishing trip to Alaska.
  11. From my good friend Verizon.
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    Shut up Verizon.
  12. From my other good friend, Southwest Airlines.
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    You can try to print my boarding pass if you want. This was last month remember. It won't work.