If I were being honest I'd put my wife and kids as 1 2 3 here. They are truly the length, breadth, and depth of my happiness, each individually. But in the interest of space I shall combine. In the words of Seymour from Ghost World (see #5!) "My top five interests? I'd have to put traditional jazz, blues, and then ragtime at the top of the list…"
  1. My Family
    My daughter is being recognized and rewarded for 12 years of academic dedication with college acceptances and scholarship offers all over the country and I could not be more proud. Her sister is working stage crew on a play and is such a trooper it warms my heart. My wife is my motivation. She made me what I am by believing in me when I was very lost, and it is her purest self that inspires me to do my best every day.
  2. My Friends
    I'm kind of a hard friend to have. I generally hate telephones. I am not very social. I seclude myself from time to time. And I don't like crowds. But there are people I love immensely. @ChrisK, Mufaddal, Vincenzo, Stacey, David, Jesse. All of these people understand me and show themselves to me. All are patient with me. Some are so generous it touches me deeply. They remind me I'm human.
  3. My Job
    I started a new job in February. It is challenging, exciting, surprising, important (in its way), and endlessly fun. It is also lucrative enough to make sending my daughter to college next year much less stressful. My employer is decent, generous, and as inspiring as a multinational multi-billion-dollar money machine can expect to be. And my coworkers are delightful and often brilliant.
  4. My Church
    It is very hard sometimes to be a fairly liberal gay-lovin' hippie in the Mormon church. I won't try to explain to all of you why I choose to stay but I will say that although many people I serve with every day do not see eye to eye with me, when I express my heartfelt concern that my church has, I believe, lost its way on the very important issue of accepting love in all forms, I get nothing but kindness and understanding from my leaders and most fellow church members. This eases my burden.
  5. The Movie Ghost World
    iTunes recommended this move to me a month ago and I fell immediately and deeply in love with it. It is such a complicated, delicate, funny, sad, unapologetic thing and so thoroughly beautiful. I've watched it six times and never grown bored. I'm sure it'll stop being an obsession at some point but until then it continues to move me deeply. As a sometimes Rebecca who is privately occasionally an Enid and who is one supportive wife away form a Seymour, I love this film with all my heart.