From the Book of the Dead, the Ancient Egyptian funerary text.
  1. I harmed no one.
  2. I made neither my relatives nor my companions unhappy.
  3. I did no vile act on the Abode of Truth.
  4. I had no acquaintance with evil.
  5. I did no evil.
  6. I made no one work beyond their capabilities.
  7. I caused no one to suffer, nor to be fearful, poor or wretched.
  8. I did not do what the gods hate.
  9. I caused no slave to be misused by his master.
  10. I caused no one to hunger.
  11. I caused no one to weep.
  12. I did not kill.
  13. I commanded no one to kill treacherously.
  14. I did not lie.
  15. I plundered not the supplies of the temples.
  16. I took not the bread of the gods.
  17. I did not steal offerings to the dead.
  18. I did not fornicate.
  19. I committed no shameful act with a priest.
  20. I did not overcharge nor defraud by lessening the supplies.
  21. I altered not the weights of the balance.
  22. I tampered not with the balance itself.
  23. I stole no milk from the mouth of a child.
  24. I stole no cattle from their pasture.
  25. I did not snare birds sacred to the gods.
  26. I took no fish from their lakes.
  27. I hindered not the waters of the inundation.
  28. I diverted no water running in a canal.
  29. I did not extinguish the offering flame before its time.
  30. I deprived not the gods of their choice offering.
  31. I injured no cattle belonging to the gods.
  32. I defied no god.
  33. I am pure, pure, pure.