1. Cardboard milk cartons.
    I had these under control when I was in kindergarten but now they're an enigma.
  2. The foil under the flap in a package of Trident gum.
    Is it even perforated? Do I need a scalpel?
  3. Glass bottles with twist off caps.
  4. Hotel doors.
    Red light. Red light. Red light. Green light!
  5. Conversations with my barber.
    So um...any big plans for this...wednesday?
  6. Email attachments from old versions of outlook.
    I'm not alone on this one. Die in a fire Winmail.dat.
  7. Envelopes.
    I mean I guess I open them easily enough but it isn't pretty.
  8. Hotel room curtains.
    Rifle rifle rifle rifle rifle rifle rifle rifle. [back to the beginning]
  9. The foil seal on plastic dairy bottles.
    That little tabby may as well not exist as far as my fat fingers are concerned. I always have to have my daughter do it for me.
  10. Child proof caps on any container
    Suggested by @BobBoucher