1. Send all my paper books to goodwill and switch to almost 100% eBooks.
    I like reading eBooks so much better unless pictures or layout are important to the book.
  2. Forget the title of books and the names of authors all the time.
  3. Have to ask what "TBR" means when I attend a bookish conference thing in New York with @ChrisK.
  4. Related: Avoid keeping a TBR list.
  5. Feel completely overwhelmed by shelves full of books.
    Or any other product for that matter. Bookstores, libraries, the spice aisle, blockbuster (lol remember them?), and a long list of names all stress me out.
  6. Read very slowly.
    Poor me.
  7. Not want to talk about a book for a few days after I've read it until I've had time to process my thoughts.
  8. Not care a whit about spoilers.
    Unless the mystery is the whole point, it doesn't bother me at all to read, hear, or be told how a book ends.
  9. Read on my phone.
    It's not my favorite way to read a book but I do it all the time because it's there when I have a few minutes of down time.