#6 of my last minute sharing week dump. Inspired by @ChrisK
  1. I treat men and women differently.
    I try not to but I do. I'm more inclined to drop what I'm doing and help a woman. This is probably patronizing and certainly rooted in inaccurate culturally-ingrained assumptions about capability and capacity to deal. I'm also more likely to talk to a woman, to open up to a woman, to have a sincere conversation with a woman, and to listen to a woman. I've had way more female than male friends most of my life. Men confuse me more.
  2. I suck at impulse control.
    I love sweets. I stay up late. I get distracted. I snap at my children. I feel a little road rage.
  3. I take the people who love me for granted.
    I make a conscious effort not to but my inclination is to forget, to not make time, to not want to talk when it's expected, to not notice the little things.
  4. I have to make up for lack of focus by working faster.
    If I weren't lucky to be fast at what I do I'd be a poor employee because I lose focus and work inefficiently a lot. Especially when I have periodic interruptions.
  5. I am uncompetitive to a fault.
    I don't like to win. I feel bad when I win. I don't like to argue. I don't like to disagree. I don't like to make someone see the flaw in their thinking. I don't ask for more and I settle for less a lot. I say yes too much.