1. Peach Yogurts
    Come with the strawberry and blueberry. Peach yogurt is gross.
  2. Apple Logo Stickers
    Come with everything I ever buy from Apple. I really only need between zero and one.
  3. Plastic Collar Stays
    Come with dress shirts. I’m just going to lose them.
  4. Cheap hangers
    Come with clothes. I already have hangers.
  5. Free trial versions of crappy software
    Come with PCs. Crappy.
  6. Dealer promotional decals and license frame
    Come with a new car. I actually hate you so I definitely don't want to advertise for you.
  7. Extra baskets and attachments for a dishwasher
    Come with the dishwasher. I don't have that much storage space.
  8. Interactive DVD games
    Come with kid movie DVDs. DVD player is to gaming platforms as radio flyer wagon is to effective modes of transportation.