1. The long "boring" parts of novels like Les Miserbales and Moby Dick.
    I could read Melville blathering about whale representation in art for days and days.
  2. Getting my teeth cleaned.
    Wish I could go to the dentist every day.
  3. Overcooked casseroles.
    I love the dried out/crispy bits. Let it go 20% longer.
  4. Podcasts and audio books on 2x speed.
    Why does everyone talk so slowly?
  5. History.
    Never not interesting.
  6. Extra brand green gum.
    I think I started chewing this in high school because everyone said it was gross so they wouldn't steal my gum. It is my favorite.
  7. Mini Vans
    The most practical family car.
  8. Standardize Tests
    My favorite part of every school year.
  9. Tests in general.
    My other favorite part of school.
  10. San Peligrino Limonata
    The best flavored soda bar none.
    Bless you, iPhone SE.