Thanks for the rec! I'm really kind of cheap in the sense that I don't really "get" buying fancy things like nice cars and clothes. I'm a-ok with basic and dependable. And pretty much anytime I buy something frivolous I regret it about 24 hours later. But all these things are more expensive than the alternatives and totally worth it...
  1. iPhone
  2. Very good laptop
  3. Heavy duty aluminum foil
  4. Doc Martens "For Life" shoes
  5. Leather seats in the car, and leather couch
  6. Donations to good causes
  7. MOS Spring braided steel iPhone cables
  8. The non-free/more than 99¢ e-book versions of public domain novels
  9. An aisle seat on airlines that charge for it
  10. Automatic check-in on Southwest Airlines
  11. Little Miss Barbecue for lunch with my old business partner
  12. The fancy heavy cream in the glass bottle at whole foods when I'm making something like creme brûlée
  13. Good quality bread
  14. High quality meats