I have now seen minions but I did not want to.
  1. We could rent something!
    SOPHIA: I think we should get out of the house!
  2. Ooh. Jurassic Park has dinosaurs. Could be good?
    SOPHIA: Yeah but it doesn't start til 8.
  3. We could see Mission Impossible! Let's watch the preview for mission impossible!
    SOPHIA: That does look good. ... I hate making decisions. How do I decide?
  4. Well Minions has a Rotten tomato rating of 54%. That's a terrible F. Mission Impossible has a 93% which is a pretty decent A.
    SOPHIA: But Minions has Minions and they are really cute.
  5. Maybe it's a renter! We can see Mission Impossible on the BIG SCREEN and rent minions when it comes out.
    SOPHIA: Yeah but if minions are cute then BIG SCREEN minions are cuter!
  6. FINE.
    SOPHIA: yay